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Breach of the filling technique

To fill a tooth the dentist must perform a series of actions. First of all it is necessary to remove all dental tissues affected by caries. Such tissues differ from normal tissues in color. Moreover, such tissues are friable. Sometimes it is not very easy to learn which tissues are affected by caries and which are not. In such cases caries-markers are used. These markers change the color of only those tissues which are affected by caries. Then it is necessary to treat teeth with a mordant gel. After the procedure it will be removed from the surface of your teeth.

To go on with the filling the medium of the mouth cavity must be dry. It means that it is necessary that saliva should not affect the tooth being restores. Only under these conditions restoration of teeth can be successful. The next thing to do is to apply some special glue, medicinal or isolating liner, and finally the filling material. It is worth mentioning that the filling material must be introduced into the tooth in several stages.

After each single stage the dentist has to compress the mass and restore dental grooves for the tooth to look natural. Now it is high time to polymerize the filling material with the help of a special lamp. The last stage of the dental restoration process consists in polishing, grinding of the filling, and bite fitting. In fact one can use various aids to make the filling even more lasting. These aids include parapulpal posts to make the filling more durable, matrixes are used to restore the outer shape of teeth, and retraction threads serve to move the gum aside.

Not all people know that it is more important to observe the filling technique than to use expensive filling materials. Breach of the filling technique can soon ruin even the most durable material. Keep in mind that there are some simple rules to be followed in order to have a durable filling. The first and the most important rule is proper treatment. It is also important to isolate the filling from gingival fluid and saliva. Thorough preparation to the procedure of restoration of teeth, introduction of the filling material in several stages, proper polymerization, polishing, and grinding will make your teeth healthy and attractive again.

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