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Complication of endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment is aimed at treating serious dental diseases but sometimes endodontic treatment itself can cause dental problems. This can happen if at least one of the three main rules of endodontic treatment was violated. These three rules are sterilization, cleaning and obstruction of root canals. Everything seems to be easy but sometimes dentists do make mistakes and endodontic treatment is followed by various complications.

Analysts who have examined X-ray photographs of people who underwent endodontic treatment, claim that only 14% of all root canals were filled in a proper way. However, it is necessary to say that even proper obstruction of root canals does not always prevent from inflammation of periodontium tissues. Up to 8% of patients who underwent endodontic treatment, face this problem.

Here is the list of the most widespread mistakes of endodontic treatment:

  • Split of a part of endodontic instrument (or post) inside the root canal;
  • Improper filling or obstruction of the root canal;
  • Perforation of tooth;
  • Bad patency and dilatation of root canal.
Most complications of endodontic treatment are observed during mechanic treatment or filling of the root canal.
These stages of the process of endodontic treatment are serious because at these stages splits of parts of endodontic instrument (usually rotary paste filler) are possible. Such things usually happen when the dentist has to widen narrow and twisted root canals. There are some more common mistakes that can cause complications. Improper root canal access, nonobservance of sequence of instruments, wrong or inappropriate instruments, metal fatigue can also be very dangerous for your teeth. Splits of endodontic instruments are also possible if the dentist tries harder than it is necessary using electrical or manual instruments. Rate of rotation of all instruments used in the process of endodontic treatment must be carefully selected. Otherwise it may damage instruments as well as the patient`s teeth.

Despite the fact that splits of endodontic instruments are quite frequent, the main cause of complications of endodontic treatment is improper filling and cleaning of root canals. The thing is that endodontic treatment will be successful only in case the system of root canals has been properly cleaned and widened. If obstruction of root canals was also successful, then you should not be afraid of any complications.

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