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Moderate periodontitis

Most patients who turn to dental clinics with periodontitis suffer its moderate form. This form of periodontitis develops out of light periodontitis in case it was neglected or not treated in a proper way. The disease first of all affects deep tissues. Inflammation can eventually ruin bones and support system of the tooth. As a result of destruction of bones gum recesses (cavities between gum and root of tooth) are formed. Such gum recesses contain numerous pathogenic bacteria that produce toxins. Such toxins can easily ruin bone tissue and support system of teeth. As a result, gum recesses become wider and deeper.

This form of periodontitis is characterized by severe gingival hemorrhage, bad breath and loose teeth. Treatment of moderate periodontitis already presupposes curettage of gum recesses. After local anesthesia infected tissues are removed from gum recess. It is also important to remove subgingival dental deposits. The next step is polishing of the surface of root.

After all these procedures gum will resume its natural (though slightly changed by curettage) position. All these procedures will make the gum recess much smaller than it was. After all, even a slight change in the size of such gum recess can affect the condition of teeth. There is a possibility to fill the gum recess with special jellous medicines that kill pathogenic bacteria. This, however, can be bone only after curettage of gum recess. It is not desirable that any suitable antibacterial solution should be prescribed as it will most likely kill not only pathogenic bacteria, but useful microorganisms as well. Treatment of moderate periodontitis will hardly be successful without antibiotics. Antibiotics tolerance must be checked. Otherwise improperly selected and prescribed medicines will bring more harm than use. Side effects, complications of the disease, and allergic reactions can be observed in such cases.
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