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Postoperative dental sensitivity

Postoperative dental sensitivity is usually caused by unsealing of dentinal canals. This in turn is caused by acid treatment of dental tissues. Postoperative dental sensitivity can be observed after these procedures: leveling of the root, removal of dental calculus, bleaching of teeth, and periodontal treatment. There is a group of patients who are more prone to postoperative dental sensitivity. Those are patients who suffer cervical defects or exposure of neck of tooth. Such patients usually experience severe pains when they touch the affected area. Finally it leads to insufficient hygiene of the mouth cavity. Then patients stop eating sour and cold food. Eventually everything is done to minimize pain. This, however, leads to sad consequences.

Here is the list of the most widespread causes of postoperative dental sensitivity:

  • pathogenic bacteria;
  • the so-called dentine collapse. Overdried collagen fibers fall and disturb the process of hybrid layer formation. As a result dentine canals cannot be closed completely;
  • Incomplete closing of dentinal canals.

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