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Recurrent caries

Most people have heard about caries but very few people know that there is also the so-called recurrent caries. The symptoms of this type of caries are basically the same as those of ordinary caries but he cause is different. Recurrent caries can be caused by a limited number of filling materials. In most cases recurrent caries is provoked by using composite filling materials.

There are several factors that affect the condition of the filling material. These factors include eating solid food or food of different temperature, inhaling cold air. These factors can seriously damage even the most expensive filling. If these factors influence the filling for a long period of time, it finally "grows old and this is the first cause of recurrent caries. It is worth mentioning that recurrent caries can ruin teeth much faster than ordinary caries because once treated (even properly treated) teeth are still more prone to all kinds of negative factors. They are also less durable. Finally, you should remember that every disease must be treated in time and properly. Recurrent caries is a serious and unpleasant disease but it can be easily coped with if you start treatment as soon as possible.

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