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Preventing apical periodontitis after root canal treatment

Root canal tooth no complex physical and responsive barriers to protect apical periodontitis from the oral flora. In addition, it was shown that coronally unsealed root filling crossed fixed microorganisms in 4-40 days. Root canal posterior teeth are also at risk cuspal fracture, which may include roots and lead to treatment failure. It is, therefore, necessary to restore root canals as soon as possible after filling root completed. In molars, it can be as simple as cuspal coverage amalgam or composite restorations, extended for 2-3 mm in all root canals, and often supplemented resin bonding agent.

Root canal premolars and front teeth are especially vulnerable if they will not be restored with the prior post kroons, which is known to be very bad installation and to allow large-scale leaks. If early recovery is not possible, these teeth should ideally be sealed with the restoration of the crown, and overlaid with a removable partial denture. In addition, coronal seals can be protected by direct mail is secured on again filled the channel plastic core material.

Fiber posts and compound nuclei present especially interesting in urgent restoration, which today supports long-term clinical signs, easily reproduced channel for re-entry (if required).

Accommodation ear posts, not without risk, in particular, perforation root during post canal preparation and compromise apical filling root on expanding. Iatrogenic connection between the system of canal and periodontium, usually associated with the development of apical periodontitis as microorganisms from the mouth of the access channel and wounds. Apical, not less than 4 mm for filling root material should remain after the message on channel preparation for protection of the periapical health. Both of these errors can be prevented by the first melting root filling material to the desired level, before the formation of postchannel with relevant spiral drills. Even better, if intracanal posts should be avoided wherever they are not essential for the conservation, the restoration of the crown. Finally, pulpless teeth unable feelings and will not notify the owner to caries or other damages, which may result in the filling of root to the oral microflora. The root of filled teeth should be scrutinized during clinical review; and periodically radiographic testing control of coronal caries, or the development of apical periodontitis...

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