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Water Fluoridation: a Systematic Review

A systematic review of water fluoridation was commissioned chief sanitary doctor Ministry of health for England to the?lead from there until the date expert scientific review of fluorine and health".

Forest plot bones studies have shown that there is no connection between water fluoridation and the prevalence of fractures .THE cancer research results were mixed, with minor variations, on both sides of no effect. Individual issues were discussed bone cancer and thyroid cancer, where again there is no clear pattern of Association was to be seen. In General, studies the presented evidence, no connection was found between the water fluoridation and the mortality rate of any cancer, or bone, or thyroid cancer in particular.

Taking into account changes in caries experience, fifteen studies found a statistically significantly greater mean change in dmft/ DMFT scores in fluoridated areas than Smoking throughout fluoridated areas. Studies that fluoridation was discontinued, were also included in a systematic review, all but one of the studies, suggesting that stop water fluoridation has led to a more significant increase previously fluoridated area than in non-fluoridated areas.

A systematic review concluded that the best available evidence suggests that fluoridation is not to reduce the prevalence of caries, as measured by the share of children who are caries free and average dmft/DMFT score. The effect of water fluoridation was still active in research completed after 1974, despite the effect of fluoride from other sources the study population. The available data on social class effects of water fluoridation in the reduction of caries appears to offer benefit in reducing differences in the severity of dental caries between classes among 5 - and 12-year-old children. ..
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