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Toothpastes for bleaching. What are they?

Every person has his own individual shade of teeth. The results of clinical research show that Zoom! Technology can make the color of your teeth heterogeneous. Mind that the beauty and further condition of your teeth depends on how you treat them. Thorough mouth cavity hygiene and regular preventive examinations will let your smile shine for a long time.

People often use bleaching toothpastes to make the dental enamel look whiter. But do not expect to see a miracle in your mouth. The result will be usually worse than you expected and your teeth will be just a bit whiter than before. Toothpastes can bleach teeth in 2 different ways: mechanical and chemical. Las us try to find out the advantages and disadvantages of both ways.

Mechanical way. The main advantage of this way is a very quick result. The disadvantage is abrasive components. Low-quality abrasive components can ruin the dental enamel and cause further uncontrolled destruction of teeth. Nowadays most companies use better abrasive components.

They are much milder than their predecessors and minimize the risk of any damage of dental enamel.

Chemical way. Toothpastes using this way contain components that decompose dark pigment spots on the patient`s teeth. Such toothpastes are effective. They contain modern bleaching components like pyrophosphate and papain ferment that can bleach teeth without ruining the dental enamel. The main disadvantage of such toothpastes is that they contain hydrogen peroxide. In some cases it can increase sensitivity of dental enamel. It is important to mention that nowadays practically no toothpaste bleaches in only one way. Most toothpastes contain both chemical and mechanical bleaching components. If you feel hypersensitivity of dental enamel some time after you have started using a bleaching toothpaste stop using it at once. Even if your teeth feel fine make a break after a month of using a bleaching toothpaste.

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