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What for should one cure milk teeth?

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It I absolutely necessary to cure childs milk teeth! The condition of milk teeth can influence the state of permanent teeth. Roots of milk teeth are wide and permanent teeth are placed between them. If you do not cure caries it can cause pulpitis (inflammation of pulp concentration of all nerves of the tooth) and periodontitis (inflammation of the parodentium tissues " all tissues that surround the tooth). It can also ruin your teeth. Mind that milk teeth are destroying faster than permanent teeth. In some cases the process can take 2-3 weeks.

Dental diseases create a constant nidus of infection in the mouth cavity. If one has malocclusion the dentist will have to cure all teeth.

Childrens teeth must be cured by an experienced pedodentist. He should be very careful using dental machines. It is desirable that he should use soft diamond dental drill.

All enamel diseases (superficial caries, chalky white appearance and so on) must be cured without the help of dental machines. It is necessary to use a special medicine Saforide. It must be used in 3 stages. Saforide also contains fluorine.

Even milk teeth of your child must be healthy. If your child catches cold all the time, had a serious disease or has an allergy you should be very careful. Caries is not only a dental disease. It can be provoked by the low immunity of a person. Milk teeth do not hurt as they do not have nerves.

The statement is wrong and milk teeth can also hurt. Some children do not feel pain as the process of tooth destruction is too fast. Feeling pain in the teeth is good and bad at the same time. Why is it good? Because it is a sign that it is time to see a dentist. Milk teeth have no roots and they can be removed without any pain.

Actually milk teeth have roots. In some cases it is really possible to remove the tooth without the root. It is connected with the stages of the development of teeth. Milk teeth begin to form during the period pregnancy. This period strongly affects the condition of teeth. As a rule milk occlusion is formed by the age of 3. The tooth comes out and the crown leaves the borders of the gum. After that calcification and the growth of the tooth continues. The root grows while the tooth is in the rest position for the next 3 years. After that the root becomes narrow, resolves and can be easily taken out by the child. But if a child suffered periodontitis or pulpitis it will take more time for the roots to resolve. Such teeth must be removed by the dentist with the help of local anesthetics. Choose a good clinic using high quality and safe medicines. The process of anaesthesia is painless. It is secured by special medicines, needleless syringes and fruit gels applied to the sore teeth.

If you want your childs teeth to be healthy see a dentist at least twice a year. If your dentist recommends you to come more often - follow his advice. Your child will enjoy healthy teeth and gums. The dentist will do everything possible for your child to feel good.

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