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Acute periapical infections as the origin of metastatic infections

Acute manifestations of endodontic lesions leads to the formation of abscesses in the periapical tissues. Although these lesions often limited to oral region, they can apply to both nearby and distant body compartments along the paths anatomic (fascial plane and space). Therefore, periapical abscess may spread and reach the maxillary sinus, brain, cavernous sinus, eye or mediastinum. Needless to say, some of these conditions are truly dangerous to life. In addition to the direct distribution of pus and bacterial components, brain and lung abscesses may be caused by septic emboli. in addition, oral bacteria involved in endodontics infections may be aspirated into the lungs and cause serious infections. Acute osteomyelitis is another condition that can occur as a result of endodontic infection. Before the era of antibiotics, all of these non-oral infections caused by the spread of bacteria in the mouth were often fatal. Unlike status in developing countries, complications of this kind is rare in industrialized countries. But, when they do occur, they still represent a threatening situation, which demands proper dental and medical attention. ..
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