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Pulpectomy, first of all, is aimed at preventing the development of destructive course inflammation of the pulp of the tooth, which may result in root canal infection and associated painful events. This means that pulpectomy can be considered in any permanent teeth, where there are clinical signs of irreversible inflammatory changes in the flesh.

A necessary condition is that the development of the root system is finished. Therefore, treatment may be performed regardless of the fabric is directly exposed to the oral environment or not. Pulpectomy also is the method of choice for any direct impact on the fabric when forecast for direct pulp capping or partial pulpotomy is considered doubtful. In addition, pulpectomy can be carried out following hemisection in periodontal treatment, and when recording measures are needed in prosthodontic treatment. In these situations, the treatment is elective, which means that it is not associated with disease tissues.


Pulpectomy seeks to create conditions where the tooth, after completion of treatment and after the f ollow period, without clinical and radiological signs of infection root canal (Fig.
4.14). In addition, filling the channel must be of such quality that bacteria and bacterial elements in the oral environment is not able to penetrate the tooth pulp chamber and the cause of the periapical inflammatory lesion. It is assumed that such a result healing is constant and patient's life span. This objective clearly achievable, provided that the treatment is performed properly, given the potential risk of bacterial contamination, during and after the procedure. We must understand that although treatment, in many cases involves the removal of the sick and, to some extent, infected tissues, most of the fabric is not infected. This is especially true for the apical portion of the pulp. An important goal of treatment is, therefore, to save the sterile conditions of the root canal. ..
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