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Symptomatic apical periodontitis

Symptomatic apical periodontitis may develop as a direct consequence of the decay and infection cellulose within previously healthy periapical region. Then he reflects the answer to the first contact of the periapical tissues periodontal bacteria or use of products derived from infected root canal.

Symptomatic apical periodontitis may also appear in the tooth with the previous apical periodontitis asymptomatic. This may either reflect the natural shift in the balance of previously established between the bacteria and the host or occur in response to endodontic treatment (endodontic flash).

Typical symptoms include pain aching nature that can be serious or even unbearable for the patient and brings the patient to the dentist. Tooth, as a rule, be tender on drums, with mucosa and bone overlying the apical region sensitive to palpation. The tooth may obscure prematurely, due to occlusive displacement caused by swelling in the periapical region.

Acute abscess apical

Acute apical abscess characterized by the rapid onset, spontaneous pain, tooth pain pressure, pus formation and possible swelling associated tissues.
At the initial stages of its formation, the process can be extremely painful, as pressure accumulates in a limited periapical bony crypt or periodontal space. Overlying cortical plate can ultimately, perforation and pus will accumulate under the periosteum and the most severe conditions. Only with perforation of periosteum will pus will drain and allow the pain to subside. At this stage of the tender local swelling appears. In some cases, the natural drainage will be created within a few days perforation of the covering fabric. In other cases, the swelling may remain for some time before she gradually subsides. ..
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