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First aid - lost tooth

  • Children can lose their teeth on the Playground or in other schools of accidents (see Appendix C, Block 7, Injury Prevention).
  • Learn how to practice first aid in case of avulsed (lost) permanent tooth. Hold the tooth with a crown (top), not as root. Rinse the tooth under cold water gently and do not RUB. To increase the chances of saving the lost permanent tooth, place the tooth in a protected container of cold milk or in a wet rag.
  • Because of the danger of damage to the underlying permanent teeth, never try again lost the primary tooth. You cannot move exactly tooth, and there is a danger of pushing it too far into the soft alveolar bone.
  • Make sure that the children's dentist listed in emergency contacts in the phone memory). It is important that the child can get to the dentist for two hours.
  • Teeth that came out may be, ordinary loss. Celebrate grow! If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, it is better to see dentists and dental technicians. For excessive bleeding after tooth loss of a child, a place of pure folded gauze or cloth or paper towel on a place that is bleeding. Let the child bite on gauze with pressure within 15 minutes. Change the gauze and repeat if necessary. Do not rinse.
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