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Light periodontitis

As you already know, periodontitis is an inflammation of parodentium. It is worth saying that periodontitis affects not only gum tissues, but jaw-bones as well. Light periodontitis is an inflammation process of gum tissues that leads to formation of small dentogingival recesses. The disease also ruins dentogingival junctions. Patients usually complain about gingival hemorrhage, inflammation of gums. Moreover, some teeth may become slightly loose.

This form of periodontitis can be caused by various defects of occlusion, some common diseases, stresses, inadequate hygiene of the mouth cavity, microbes, all kinds of overload (both physical and mental). Though it is almost impossible to eliminate all these factors, it is necessary to try to remain healthy and calm.

How to treat light periodontitis?

First of all it is necessary to remove dental deposits and clean pathogenic periodontal recesses with some antibacterial medicines. Dentists all over the world claim that even these slight changes are enough to improve the situation and cope with slight periodontitis.
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