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Night gritting of teeth during sleep is most frequent with pre-school children though adults can also suffer bruxism. That is why it would be wrong to say that only children suffer bruxism. There are many suppositions as for the reason of this problem. Many people say that helminthes cause bruxism. On the other hand, the scientists believe that bruxism is caused by the abnormality of the depth of sleep. Some people believe that night gritting of teeth during sleep can be caused by malocclusion. Still, the majority of people believe that bruxism is the disease of people who are under stress, feel excited, depressed, or angry. These are the typical adult problems. Sometimes even healthy and happy people can suffer attacks of bruxism.

As it was already mentioned children are more prone to bruxism and this problem may disappear as the child grows older. Still, parents should pay attention to the problem of bruxism.

If attacks of bruxism cause headache and pain in the jaw it is necessary to consult specialists a psychoneurologist and a dentist. The first will help to find out the reason of bruxism while the second will save the teeth from the negative influence of night gritting of teeth during sleep. To eliminate the psychological cause of bruxism autogenic training are recommended. There the doctor will teach you mental self-regulation as bruxism can provoke complexes that prevent people from normal life.

How to treat bruxism and what methods are most frequently used to eliminate the problem? We can mention the maneuver of self-control of the position of the jaws while awake. It is necessary to follow the principle "Lips together, teeth apart". The specialists also recommend tiring the chewing muscular system by chewing something (an apple or a carrot). Muscular tension can be reduced with the help of a hot compress on the chewing muscular system. Dentists recommend using gum shields or other appliances to protect the teeth from damage. Still, one should not forget that night gritting of teeth during sleep (bruxism) is caused by internal experience. That is why do not forget about antistress measures: proper eating, regular walks, and day regimen. These measures are very effective. People who follow these recommendations will easily get rid of the disease.

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