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Who should get sealants?

Children should get sealants on their permanent molars, once teeth - before the collapse of the attacks teeth. The first permanent molars-called "6-year molars" - come aged between 5 and 7. The second permanent molars - "a 12 year molars" - come, when the child is aged 11 to 14 years.

Other teeth from the pits and grooves also may need to be sealed. For adolescents and young adults, who are prone to dental caries may also need sealants. Should sealants are put on your child's teeth?

Your dentist may think this is a good idea, especially if your child's teeth have deep pits and grooves. Baby teeth save space for the permanent teeth. It is important to keep your child's teeth healthy, that they do not drop out early.

Do not pay for insurance sealants?

Some health insurance to pay for sealants. Check with your state Medicaid program or your insurance company for details. ..
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