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Why are molars at risk for decay?

As molar grows, pits and grooves form on the top of the tooth. These slots can trap food and bacteria and cause decay. Dental sealant fills the grooves. This would enable the food and makes it easier to keep the tooth clean.

Who should get sealants on their teeth?

Children should be checked by a doctor to find out if sealants can prevent decay. The best time to check only be made after six years appear molars. The teeth should be checked again only after twelve years appear molars. These molars permanent teeth and not grow if they are lost in decline.

Do baby teeth need sealants?

Sometimes baby teeth have holes and grooves that are deep enough to trap food and cause decay. This can make them come out earlier than they should. Sealants can prevent problems. Your doctor may advise you, if sealants are recommended for your child.

Not prevent, sealants put on teeth?

Not that the sealant is painless. It only takes about five minutes to the tooth. No drilling or specialists are...
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