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Epithelial cell junctions

Neighboring cells to attach to each other specialized cells to sites that give tissue strength to withstand the mechanical strength and form a protective barrier.
  1. The definition. Cellular connections are cellular structures, which are mechanically to attach the cell and the cytoskeleton to the adjacent cells or the basal membrane.
  2. The objective. Cell sites bind cells together so that they can function as a strong structural subdivisions. Tissue, such as skin cancer, which must withstand heavy mechanical loads, have the most abundant number of cell sites.
  3. Forms of epithelial cells of nodes
A. Desmosome-specialized cell junction, connecting two adjacent epithelial cells and their cytoskeletons together. You would think desmosomes, as a creature such as clicks used to close denim jacket. Instead of mounting the front of the jacket together, desmosomes fasten together the cells (Fig. 2-4).
  1. Cell-to-cell communication
  2. Important form of cells to find solutions in gingival epithelium.
B. Hemidesmosome-specialized cell site that links the epithelial cells of the basal plate (Fig. 2-4).
  1. Cell-basal lamina connection
  2. Important form of cells to find solutions in gingival epithelium.
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