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Functions of the Periodontal Ligament

1. Helper function is the main function of the periodontal ligament, to secure the tooth, his bony socket and isolate the tooth from the wall socket, so the root does not conflict with the bone during chewing.

2. Sensory function-periodontal ligament comes with nerve fibers that transmit tactile pressure (such as a crane with a dental instrument against tooth and pain.

3. Nutrient functions-periodontal ligament is supplied with blood vessels that feed the cement, and bones.

4. Forming function-periodontal ligament contains cementoblasts (cementbuilders"), which produce cement throughout the life of the tooth, while osteoblasts (bone builders) maintain bone tissue of the tooth socket.

5. In the complex therapy) function in response to strong pressure, the cells of the periodontal ligament (osteoclasts) can cause rapid resorption of bone tissue and, sometimes, resorption of cement.

D. principal fiber groups Periodontal ligament. Tooth joined bones bundles of collagen fibers, which can be divided into five groups depending on their location and orientation (Fig.


1. Alveolar ridge fiber group-come from the cervix cement running down diagonally to the alveolar ridge. This fiber group resists horizontal movements of the tooth.

2. Horizontal fiber group located to the apical alveolar ridge fibers. They range from cement to the bone at right angles to the long axis root. This fiber group resists horizontal pressure against the crown of the tooth

3. Slash fiber group located apical to horizontal group. They range from cement to the bone that runs in a diagonal direction. This fiber group resists vertical loads, which threaten the root disk into the slot.

4. Apical fiber group-spreads from the top of the tooth to the bone. This fiber group provides a tooth in his nest and resisting forces that could push the tooth socket.

5. Interradicular fiber group (currently only in multirooted teeth)-are made of cement, in the split area of the tooth to interradicular walls of the alveolar bone. These fibers group to help stabilize the tooth in its socket. Periodontal ligament pdf..

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