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Mechanisms of Periodontal Destruction

1. Host answer: the main cause of periodontal destruction

A. in the body's inflammatory response

1. Previously, investigators thought that the bacteria were the main cause tissue destruction seen in periodontitis. Perhaps bacterial virulence factors have been inflammation of the gums and destroying the alveolar bone.

2. Current research suggests that the body's immune response to plaque biofilm is the main cause of destruction seen in periodontitis.

3. The immune system is activated periodontal pathogens in the plaque biofilm.

4. The inflammation that causes great harm in periodontitis is a continuous low-grade inflammation that occurs 24 hours a day, month after month.

B. bacteria and the immune response

1. Bacteria, acting alone, are not the cause of periodontal disease.

2. Rather, it is the interaction between bacteria and the immune response, causing tissue destruction...

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