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Sweet Drinks

Sweet Drinks
In health food stores are loaded with sugar and protein-fortified vegetable and fruit juices. Most of these products are pasteurized and, therefore, inertial load products. To avoid pasteurized vegetable and fruit juices. Sugary drinks from the store are loaded with sugar. They provide empty calories and are not part of a healthy diet. Here and there, naturally sweetened beverages will not do you much harm, if not eliminate. But these products are not for people trying to stop tooth decay. Watch in particular, sports drinks and sweet tea. Replace them unsweetened tea, raw milk, whey or buttermilk.

Kombucha is a popular health tonic. It has a huge amount of nutrients and probiotics. While this is a great drink, I recommend to people who are trying to stop cavities, to avoid him. Kombucha, as a rule, are available for sale, has a sugar that is too high, as not all the sugar has been absorbed by bacteria and yeast organisms. Just to be clear, Kombucha, especially home or equivalent, where most of the sugar is fermented is life, advocating for a drink. It just doesn't work very well, if you try to stop caries...

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