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Why Do Children Have Cavities?

Several months before the conception of your child, the stage for his or her health was set. The diet and overall health of both the father and the mother-to-be, before conception, was a primary determinant for the physical health of your child. With our modern deficient diet, the mother's body and the father's seed often lack the resources of vitamins and nutrients to create a strong and robust child. After the child is born, during his or her first few years of life, he or she goes through very rapid stages of growth. This growth occurs in spurts and during these growth spurts there is an additional need for vitamins and minerals. The body stores nutrients for these growth spurts, and then grows quickly as it uses nutrient stores. During these rapid growth spurts, if nutrients are missing in body, the needed minerals and building blocks are pulled from the teeth. Another cause of tooth decay is when children are fed too many sweet foods and their body chemistry falls out of balance, resulting in tooth destruction.
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