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Macrodontia is a disease of hypertrophied sizes of teeth (as compared with average size of human teeth). In some cases macrodontia affects the size of cutting teeth (usually the upper ones). The anomaly usually affects upper central cutting teeth. Macrodontia is an evident disease. One will hardly be able to hide it from other people. The degree if extension of teeth is defined in a dental clinic. Your dentist will also find out the cause of the disease and prescribe the treatment to fit your case.

Macrodontia is a result of merging of follicles of two teeth. Sometimes follicles of complete and supernumerary can merge. Anomalies of size of teeth can affect denture. It means that some teeth may erupt outside the denture. Another possible complication of macrodontia is overcrowding of teeth.

How to treat macrodontia?

Macrodontia can be accompanied by other dental problems. Occlusion and anomalies of size and shape of denture demand preliminary orthodontic correction. It helps to restore the anatomic form of the denture. It is done with the help of artificial dental crowns.

There are also specific cases of microdontia and macrodontia when the size of teeth is slightly abnormal and does not correspond to basic size of jaw and type of face. Such cases are treated with the help of orthodontic correction or correction that presupposes removal of one or more teeth.

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