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Pregnancy gingivitis

Pregnancy gingivitis is a specific form of inflammation of gums faced by many women during pregnancy. It has the same symptoms as other types of gingivitis. The only difference is the specific health condition of a patient. This type of gingivitis exists in 2 forms: catarrhal and hypertrophic.

It is a well-known fact that pregnant women experience serious changes of hormonal background. These very changes can become the main cause of pregnancy gingivitis.

Treatment of pregnancy gingivitis

This form of gingivitis is not treated at all as it will disappear with the cause of the disease. Dentist`s consultation is necessary to make a diagnosis. If a pregnant woman has soft dental deposit, it is better to remove it.

Nowadays there is no unanimous opinion concerning the possible risk of ultrasonic removal of dental deposits for pregnant women. Still, most people support the point of view that this method is harmless as any pregnant women has to undergo an ultrasonic scanning. As for pregnancy gingivitis, most dentists will simply prescribe a mouthwash to relieve the course of the disease.

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