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Disadvantages of ceramic crowns

It is impossible to use long framework prostheses in case two or more teeth are lost. Such defects of the denture can be restored only with the help of metal-ceramic framework prostheses or install implants instead of lost teeth. Ceramic prostheses are expensive and not all patients can afford them. Special equipment is needed to make such prostheses.

Ceramic prostheses have more advantages than disadvantages but the final decision is up to you. Nylon dental prostheses: what are they? Not so long ago dentists started using a new material for dental prosthetics. It was nylon. Nylon dental prostheses have become an alternative to clasp prostheses or prostheses made of acrylic. Since nylon is a relatively new material used in prosthetics the attitude to it is diverse.

Nylon is elastic, flexible, and durable. It can endure serious loads. Nylon dental prostheses can be compared with a capronic lid. Such prostheses are rigid, but they are still not as rigid as plastic ones Nylon dental prostheses can be used when it is necessary to restore some part of the tooth or completely lost teeth.

Such prostheses are semitransparent and are not seen in the mouth cavity. They are fixed to the gum with the help of dental-alveolar clampers. The clampers are also made of nylon. That is why they are also durable and elastic. It is possible to adjust the nylon prosthesis to your teeth and fix it properly. Moreover, there is no need to grind the abutment teeth to fix the prosthesis.

Nylon dental prostheses have many advantages: they are not allergic, have high compatibility with somatic tissues, are durable and flexible, and look nice. Still, this kind of prostheses has some disadvantages. Such prostheses are expensive, difficult to make and polish, can influence the condition of the mucous membrane in a bad way, may need frequent adjustments, are difficult to mend and fix. Moreover, you will have to use special means of the oral cavity hygiene.

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