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Do chocolate and liquorice protect against dental caries?

In Vipeholm studies mentioned earlier, the group receives chocolate developed relatively fewer carious lesions than the group with the same amount of sugar at such frequencies. This led to the suggestion that chocolate contained protective factors. Animal studies have also shown that cocoa can have a protective effect. In 1986 cocoa factor was derived from chocolate and proved effective in vitro. Recent studies have shown that theobromide in chocolate " will be able to increase the size of the crystal in the enamel, thereby increasing the resistance to acids demineralization.

In addition to the?cocoa factor " and theobromide, chocolate milk contains calcium and casein and fat that AIDS Oral clearance. However, the high sugar content of chocolate outweigh these potential benefits. Similarly, honey contains protective esters, in favor of which is lost due to its high sugar content. Glycyrrhizic acid, is one of the most important components of licorice, cardio-static properties. Glycyrrhizic acid suppresses bacterial glycolysis preventing the formation of acid from sugar diet, and this increases the buffering capacity of the RAID. However, it has rich taste, can cause staining of teeth and liquorice also may cause electrolyte imbalance. Its use as an anti-caries-factor, respectively, are somewhat limited. ..

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