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Introduction—what is caries?

It is important to understand that caries is, to follow the logic of its proposed management. Tooth decay is a process that may take place on any surface of the tooth in the mouth, where microbial biofilms (Tartar) allowed to develop within a certain period of time.

The formation of biofilms is a natural physiological process. It is important to remember that biofilms not a haphazard collection of micro-organisms, but also the community, collective psychology that can solve specific physico-chemical problems, caused by the environment at the facility. Bacteria in biofilms always metabolically active, causing minor fluctuations in pH. This can cause a net loss of mineral from tooth when pH decreases. This is called demineralization. In addition, there may be a net profit of mineral when the pH increases. This is called remineralization. The cumulative result of these de - and remineralization processes can be a net loss of mineral and carious lesions that can be seen. In addition, changes may be so low that carious lesions, never becomes obvious.

From this description it is obvious that caries process is universal, natural process. Biofilm formation and its metabolic activity cannot be prevented, but the progression of the disease can be adjusted so that clinically visible destruction of enamel never forms. Logically, management depends, noting with satisfaction that the de and remineralization processes can be changed. For example, if biofilms partly or completely deleted, mineral loss can be stopped or even reversed in relation to mineral profit.

Factors that affect the pH value fluctuations is also very important, and many of them can be influenced. For example, the composition and thickness of microbial deposits, diet, concentration of fluoride ions, and the secretion of salivary prices. These biological factors, in turn, may be influenced by various sociological parameters such as human behavior, attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, and their wealth or poverty...

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