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Crest bleaching stripes

The "White Strips" system by Crest can bleach your lower and upper teeth. It is enough to use these stripes in the morning and in the evening for 5 days to get amazing results. It is very easy to use these bleaching stripes:
  1. Take the bleaching stripes out of the box and remove the protective envelope. Mind that "upper is for upper teeth while" lower is for lower teeth..
  2. Place the stripes on the outside of teeth, adjust them to your gums and press tightly.
  3. Remove the stripes in 30 minutes and rinse your mouth with water.
Do not do the following:
  1. Do not use bleaching stripes for more than 30 minutes. If you do not remove then after half an hour they will cause pain and may ruin your enamel.
  2. Be careful when using bleaching stripes. Do not let gel get on your clothes, skin, or in your eyes.
  3. Do not eat, drink, or smoke until the procedure is over.
After you we taken the whole course you will have a shiny smile achieved fast and without any difficulties.
Do you want to impress your friends with a shiny smile? Proper care is important but it cannot guarantee you white teeth. On the other hand, we do not always have time to see a dentist. Moreover, professional bleaching can be too expensive. That is why many people use an old trick soda bleaching.

But your teeth must be prepared for this procedure!

Strengthen your teeth, saturate them with fluorine and calcium. To do this eat healthy food milk, greens, fruit and vegetables, use fluorine-containing toothpastes. To keep your teeth enamel safe and prevent possible diseases of gums start preparing your teeth to the procedure a month prior to it. Do not bleach your teeth more than once a week. You can use an ordinary toothbrush for soda bleaching. Use a soda mixture or add soda to your toothpaste. Even despite all disadvantages soda bleaching is effective and safe if you follow all the above mentioned rules. Take care of your smile and you will be absolutely satisfied with the way it looks like.

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