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Methods of dental bleaching

Dental bleaching is an excellent way to treat teeth that have changed their color. Dental clinics can offer 2 methods of dental bleaching:
  • External bleaching. This method is used only for live teeth. Special gel is applied to dental enamel.
  • Internal bleaching. This method is used for lifeless teeth that have preserved the outer part of dental enamel.
What is the difference between professional dental bleaching and that with the help of a toothpaste? Ways of dental bleaching.

You can bleach your teeth either at home or in the dentist`s room. Home bleaching is recommended only for live teeth that have slightly changed their color. This method includes usage of gels containing substances based on hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The patient will squeeze gel on a gum shielder (made by a dentist) and wear it on his teeth. The concentration of components in the bleaching gel, day and night wearing of the gum shielder and the time of wearing are appointed by the dentist individually for every patient.

If you have decided to bleach your teeth at home we can recommend you Rembrandt toothpastes with bleaching effect.

Such toothpastes are used twice a day during 1 month. They are mostly prescribed for patients who cannot stand more powerful substances.

If you want to bleach your teeth quickly or when the teeth are very dark the dentist will recommend you professional bleaching technologies. This method uses bleaches containing from 30 to 35% of active substances. The whole procedure is carried out by a hygienist. First of all he will isolate your gums from possible negative effects and then apply a special active gel to the teeth enamel. In most cases bleaching with the help of this method will take only about 2,5 hour. Before you start bleaching your teeth it is necessary to treat them, remove dental calculus and dental deposits, and choose a toothpaste to make the teeth enamel stronger

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