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Zoom! dental bleaching

It is a well-known fact that dental bleaching is one of the most widespread services in the world. Numerous hygiene products can be used to bleach teeth. You just have to choose. All companies guarantee a beaming smile in case you buy and use their products. Unfortunately in most cases bleaching is only surface and usually connected with serious mechanical bleaching. Abrasive influence may even affect the state of the teeth enamel in a bad way. During the last decades modern dentists have invented a technology of dental bleaching. It will give you the desired white smile but will not harm tooth tissues. This method was invented by an American company Discus Dental. The technology of safe dental bleaching is called Zoom!

The process of bleaching with the help of Zoom! technology. Zoom! technology will bring to life your dream to have a shiny smile. Moreover, it will not do harm to your teeth. During the procedure the patient will wear special glasses to protect his eyes. After that oral cavity tissues will be isolated from teeth.

Then the doctor will apply a special gel containing 25% of hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. Then your teeth will be treated with the help of a special lamp (this very lamp makes this method so effective). The influence of a light beam will take about an hour (3 timesX20 minutes). The dentist will use a new layer of gel every time. Finally your teeth will be covered with a layer of fluorine-containing substances to protect the teeth and prevent them from possible complications. You can make your teeth about 8 tones lighter during a session of bleaching.

The dentist may offer you 2 methods of bleaching using Zoom! technology. The first method is professional while the second can be used at home. If the patient has decided to bleach his teeth at home he will be given a special gum shielder. Home bleaching presupposes filling the gum shielder with a bleaching gel and wearing it during a recommended period of time (at daytime and at night). The main disadvantages of this method are problematic choice of gel and lack of professional supervision over the process of bleaching. Moreover, bleaching gels contain high doses of hydrogen peroxide. This component can make the patients teeth very sensitive. Home bleaching can make your teeth whiter but you will be hardly able to reach the desired whiteness. A more effective way out in this situation is to turn to a dentist. The effect will be quicker and more obvious. Zoom! technology uses special light for dental bleaching. Moreover, professional dental bleaching does not presuppose using gels containing acids so your enamel will remain healthy. Special light used for professional dental bleaching prevents dental nerve from excessive heating.

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