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Blood flow changes

Preparation of dentin rotary instruments results instantly increased the tooth pulp blood flow. Activation of peptides containing sensitive nerve arrangements described above, is the mediator of this response (see Main concept 2.2).

In a deep cavity or crown of drugs, the direct effect of moderate heat to the cells of the tooth pulp and vessels extends the tooth pulp blood flow. Excessive heat generation is an inadequate operating procedures and cannot be cancelled, local protective mechanisms, thereby potentially causing serious damage to the tissues. For this reason, it is very important that a proper system of water cooling is in effect when cutting teeth rotary instruments.

Training in vital dentin usually makes use of local anesthetics necessary. As a result, the corresponding nerve-mediated cardiovascular reactions the preparation of the injury will not be so significant. This is not seen as a serious problem, because intrapulpal nerves are only blocked for a few minutes after the injection.

However, when vasoconstrictor (adrenaline/epinephrine) is used, there will be a long period of decrease basal blood flow. Infiltrazionnaya anaesthesia in upper front tooth region can reduce the arterial blood supply to the pulp in the neighboring teeth 70-80% The basic concept 2.2 Neurovascular answers
  • Neurovascular reactions, including vasodilation and increased vessel permeability in response to external, relatively harmless stimuli, proinflammatory events.
  • The reaction is reversible in the ordinary cellulose and serves to support the fabric of overcoming potential threats.
  • The answer is important because:
    • the disputed cells depends on the optimal power
    • clearance of harmful products of the affected tissue compartment increases
    • moderate growth of tissue pressure tends to limit the invasion of harmful elements patent dentinal tubules, increasing peripheral RSS dentinal fluid.
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