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Brushing and flossing in schools and group settings

In the school environment, control brushing our teeth to ensure that toothbrushes are not generic and that they are handled properly. The probability toothbrush cross-contamination in these conditions is very high, either through the children, play with them or toothbrushes are stored improperly. Blood poisoning from gingivitis or lose a tooth can be the class during tooth brushing. Although the risk of disease transmission through toothbrushes is minimal, a potential cause for concern. Thus, the officials responsible for toothbrush programmes in these settings should assess their programs are carefully.

Recommended measures for hygienic teeth cleaning in schools:

  • Make sure that each child has their own toothbrush, marked with the identification. Do not allow children to share, or rent toothbrushes.
  • To prevent cross-contamination tube of toothpaste, put an age amount of toothpaste on a piece of waxed paper or a small paper plate before putting it on the toothbrush.
    Don't let the toothbrush to touch a tube of toothpaste.
After the children have finished cleaning make sure they wash their toothbrushes thoroughly rinsed with tap water, let them dry out and stored in an upright position, so they come in contact with other children of the brush.

Provide children with paper cups to use for rinsing after completing the cleaning process. Do not allow them to share a Cup, and ensure that they are disposed of properly Cup after a single use. ..

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