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Tooth Brushing

Tooth brushing techniques
As we learned from Dr. Phillips in the gum disease chapter, tooth brushing can be fine for teeth if the bristles are soft and if there is not too much abrasion, but it can rapidly wear away your gums and even cause gum disease. This is because brushing pushes the plaque into the gingival sulcus where the gums meet the teeth. For tooth brushing to be healthy, you need to use blotting or at least an oral irrigator after brushing to remove the plaque at the gum line.

Soft tooth brushes with rounded ends help avoid eroding tooth enamel. Electric brushes which have an electromagnetic component to them do a superior job of cleaning but they may lead to some minor EMF exposure. There is also risk with electric toothbrushes of damaging the gums because of the high speed of the vibrations. If you use one, be careful.

Tooth and Gum Healing

While tooth liquid products clean the teeth, products made with herbs can heal the teeth and gums in a different way.
Herbs can build, pull out toxins, and nourish. Herbal tooth powder can be found at some health food stores-make sure they do not have any toxic additives. Good herbal tooth and gum mixtures are Tooth and Gum Restore Formula by Dr. Richard Schulze (this can be used with an oral irrigator) and Dr. Christopher's Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder. I encourage you to try a few different tooth-cleaning products and locate one that feels good to you. You can also make your own toothpowder at home.
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