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How to treat teeth during pregnancy?

Teeth in pregnancy hurting
Should pregnant women cure their teeth? In fact, many women ask this question. During the period of pregnancy calcium metabolism is changed. Teeth start losing calcium. It may lead to such disease as periodontitis.

During the period of pregnancy calcium is an important element of the organisms of the woman and her child. That is why it is absolutely necessary to treat teeth during pregnancy. Even if you eat food rich in calcium it will not save your teeth from desrtuction. If you teeth are not very healthy you can simply lose them and even faster than if you were not pregnant.

It is recommended to see the dentist during pregnancy and treat the damaged teeth if needed. The best time to treat teeth is midpregnancy.

Mind that dental diseases can develop unnoticed so preventive examinations of the mouth cavity are really necessary. Pay special attention to the condition of the enamel as it protects your teeth from bacteria that can cause caries or ruin your teeth.

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