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Current Views on Treatment

And Professional Care

1. Today, the treatment of periodontal diseases aimed at management of bacterial, local and systemic etiological factors of periodontal disease.

2. Periodontal technical staff (recall purpose) should be scheduled as often as necessary to help the patient in the fight against disease.

3. Treatment may include not only periodontal instruments surface of roots, but, if necessary, includes the control of local factors and directions to the doctor for managing systemic disease or other risk factors.

B. Patient Self-Help

1. The patient receives information on the role of bacterial plaque biofilm in periodontal disease and dental plaque biofilm control techniques.

2. If the disease continues to progress, the patient through no fault of his or her inability to control the disease; instead, the risk factors are identified and eliminated, or take control whenever possible. More frequent meetings for professional periodontal maintenance (recall visits) is recommended, to help the patient in the fight against disease...

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