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Difficulties in Measurement of Periodontal Disease

1. It is much easier to estimate the population of HIV prevalence and incidence of dental caries than for periodontal disease, because caries suitable for a more objective measure. The development and the process of decay is well known, and includes only the structure of the tooth.

2. Periodontal disease, on the other hand, includes both the hard and soft tissue, and there are several variables that should be considered. The detection of gingivitis with or without the presence of periodontal disease, complicates the assessment of disease. The assessment may include

a. Soft tissue and change color (red)

B. Tissue swelling (edema)

c. The loss of periodontal ligament of fibers that support the teeth

d. Loss of alveolar bone/ fork participation

e. Bleeding after sensing/ spontaneous bleeding

f. Probing the depths

3. Several variables used for the determination of periodontal disease to make figures for prevalence and incidence of periodontal disease less specific, more range, and more to change. ..

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