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Local Factors that Increase Plaque Biofilm Retention

This section presents local factors that can increase the plaque biofilm storage. Most often, these local factors are rough and uneven surfaces, reducing the efficiency of patient self-help and lead to increased plaque biofilm storage.

1. Tartar. Tartar is the most obvious example of a local factor that can lead to the growth of plaque biofilm storage. Tartar is mineralized bacterial plaque biofilm, covered with outer surface nonmineralized living bacterial plaque biofilm. Mineralization plaque biofilm can begin from 48 hours to 2 weeks after the RAID biofilm formation.

A. the impact of the rate of the Periodontium

1. The surface of the terms of the Deposit at the microscopic level is completely wrong path and always covered with pathogenic bacteria. Thus, even the calculation that they have not made enough to bring in a ledge or grossly altered tooth contour can cause plaque biofilm hold on the website, but simply because the coarse nature of the calculation of the surface and its tendency to Harbor bacteria.

2. As Tartar deposits accumulate, they can lead to even more uneven surface, ledges on the teeth, and other alterations of the contours of the teeth (Fig. 7-1). As calculus deposits accumulate, they create more and more areas of plaque biofilm storage that are difficult or impossible for the patient to clean.

B. Pathological Potential

1. Since the layer of live bacteria biofilms always covers calculus, safety Deposit box, Tartar plays a significant role as a local factor, contributing to the development of periodontal disease.

2. It is difficult to bring or gingivitis or periodontal disease under control in the presence of plaque on the teeth affected, and the importance of addressing these deposits in patients with gingivitis and periodontitis cannot be overemphasized. Does alcohol increase plaque in arteries..

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