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1. The Gingival Sulcus. In health, the rate ranges from 0.5 to 3 mm in depth. In paroxizmalna form epithelium coronal to the FAC and attached along its length to the enamel of the tooth. (Fig. 3-19).

2. Gingival Pockets. In the gingival pocket deepening of the gingival sulcus as a result of swelling or enlargement gum tissue (Fig. 3-20).

A. False Pocket. Also known as pseudopocket,to false " pocket because there is no destruction of the periodontal ligament fibres or of the alveolar bone in the gingival pocket.

B) Not In Apical Migration. No apical migration paroxizmalnaya form epithelium in the gingival pocket.

1. In paroxizmalna form epithelium remains coronal to FAC.

2. In gingivitis, however, coronal part paroxizmalnaya form epithelium is detached from the tooth, resulting in a slight increase the depth of sounding.

C. Increase The Depth Of Sounding. The increased depth of sounding seen in the gingival pocket is because (1) the group of crown part JE from tooth and (2) the increase of tissue in connection with (a) by the swelling or (b) tissues of the penis by increasing collagen in connective tissue. Pocket league best formation..

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