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Tooth Morphology

Morphology module is the study of the anatomical features of the tooth surface. There are many local factors that relate to the morphology of the teeth. Some of these differences in morphology of the teeth can occur when a tooth requires restoration, and some of them are simply due to differences in the way your teeth fit.

And poorly contour restoration

1. When the dentist puts recovery, it is not always possible to restore the contour perfectly with the existing structure of the tooth. "When the recovery is not smooth contour from the surface of teeth, a condition called hanging recovery or overhang (Fig. 7-2).

2. Because of the difficulty of access to the tooth surface is protected hanging restoration, it is often impossible for the patient to remove plaque biofilm effectively from the tooth surface. This leads to plaque biofilm hold in place and can eventually lead to increased severity or gingivitis or periodontitis in place.

Tooth morphology notes B. Caries. Untreated caries is another example of a local factor that may increase the plaque biofilm storage. Because tooth decay can lead to defects in the structure of the teeth (dental caries), these defects (cavities) can also act as a secure environment for bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis, to live and grow undisturbed (Fig. 7-3)...

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