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How to cure periodontitis?

How to cure periodontitis at home?
First of all your dentist will remove dental deposit and dental calculus (subgingival). Then he will offer you a toothpaste. This must be done only by your dentist. A correctly chosen toothpaste together with a mouthwash will help you to restore and strengthen the gums. Nowadays the most effective way to solve the problem of periodontitis is using "Vector" device. What are the advantages of this device?

This device allows the doctor to remove dental deposit and calculus and make the procedure absolutely painless for the patient. The tip of the "Vector" device is being placed parallel to the tooth axis. At this time pulse vibrations are spreading towards the vertical axis of the tooth. Thanks to this the tooth tissues are not affected mechanically. The tooth and the tissues surrounding it remain undamaged.

Another important moment is that the tip of the device does not get warm during the procedure.

Eventually there is no need to cool the tip of the device with the help of a cooling liquid. This way the dentist can avoid the formation of a dangerous aerosol microbal cloud. Using "Vector" device can remove dental calculus and plaque painlessly. It can also eliminate edema and inflammation, destroy endotoxins. Moreover, the device is fast at neutralizing bacteria that cause gingival inflammation.

Thanks to the usage of "Vector" device loose teeth are being fixed in the gums for a short period of time. Gingival hemorrhage, pain and edema are eliminated. In some cases when surgery is recommended the patient can avoid it thanks to the treatment with the help of the device.

Using "Vector" device to cure periodontitis presupposes further control. Repeated inspection is desirable 6 weeks after the procedure. The dentist will check the condition of your teeth and gums, sample-inspect the parodontal recesses to find out if there are infected ones. Even if you have fought the disease completely you should still see your dentist regularly. The ideal variant is visiting the dentist not less than once every 6 months.

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