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Pioneering Tooth Cavity Remineralization

Tooth cavity remineralization
In my younger years, I have never spent much time thinking about teeth. Recently, I assumed that my good diet will help me stay free of dental caries throughout my life. Another glass of my limited beliefs was destroyed day my wife and I noticed that our one year old daughter was small, light brown spots on top of her front teeth. I'm not sure if this place was cavity or not.

Days, weeks, and then a few months passed. To our horror, spot continued to grow, and other teeth started bleaching. As a natural health-oriented parents who protect my daughter from exposure to chemical substances in the form of processed food and Western medicine, I was very nervous at the thought of taking my precious little girl to the dentist for drilling and filling. Can you imagine that dental treatment is as for the baby? One-and-a-half, the child cannot sit still for a dentist and could not understand the ordeal she was held.

Typical dental treatment prescribed for young children, many cavities includes surgery under General anesthesia.

Because I wished to avoid traumatic anesthesia and surgery for my daughter, and also the possibility of pulling teeth, I was left with a serious dilemma. I had to decide whether to expose her teeth treatment-I was wrong power for a small child, who does not feel any pain or suffering, or I had to find the true cause of her cavities and stop them. At the peak of my daughter decay her teeth broke up so fast that before decayed tooth fell apart within a few weeks. This caused me and my wife, Michelle many disasters, along with a sense of helplessness.

I know how it feels to have a cavity of a tooth. While my daughter teeth were rotten, I was diagnosed with four new cavities. I was not ready to take a more synthetic materials added to my already overloaded body. At the same time, as a new cavity was discovered, I was made to feel a greater sensitivity on the sides of many of my molars, near the Gum line, which is not even to be solved by drilling and fill four cavity. Five years after the collapse of the original, my teeth as soon as sensitive and enshrined in the mouth, to feel a hard, firm and strong, like diamonds without sensitivity. Five years later, my daughter has four new, healthy, cavity-free adult teeth, and her baby teeth ceased to be a problem. Her rotten teeth defended himself. Success is not only mine, it comes to people who follow the principles you will learn in this book. It brings me joy every time the parent writes to tell me that their young child, who suffers from caries, just managed to avoid costly and painful dental surgery, or when I know an adult who saved the tooth, the dentist's drill.

These results were not carried out, by a lucky chance, nor any special products, chemical, or dental treatment, but food alone. And here you will learn everything you need to know to enjoy the same results...

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