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Remineralize Your Teeth with Wise Food Choices

Remineralize Your Teeth with Wise Food Choices
Eating well is the contact with what really feeds you. In this Chapter you will learn how to eat to maximize the uptake of nutrients and remineralization of teeth. In the last Chapter you learned that the fat-soluble vitamins are essential for remineralization of rotten teeth. Now you will learn how to increase minerals and fat-soluble nutrients in your diet. You'll learn how to replace processed foods with whole foods, and learn cooking methods that will help to ensure its optimal nutrient absorption.

Cavities in the teeth appear not accidental. And people with cavities, often without eating habits that create cavities. The problem is most people don't know what foods cause cavities, so it seems like cavities on them kick out of nowhere. Even within entrenched bacterial theory caries, dental recognizes that the creation of root caries is that foods eaten.

Convenient difference between what conventional dentistry and focuses on what we see here that dentistry points, food your bacteria may be feeding, not what foods you feed your bacteria. Caries comes from eating foods that are harmful to your body. So caries is specific biological response to complex environmental factors. It is not accidental or mistaken arise.

Many of us tend to consume as the main certain products that damage our teeth, without knowing it. Pay special attention to the fact that you consistently eating habits, because one or more of them may be the cause of your suffering. Sometimes simply removing teeth-decay - promotion of the products will make carious teeth soft hard as a rock again...

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