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Erysipelatous inflammation

Erysipelatous inflammation is a highly infectious disease with frequent relapses. Signs of erysipelatous inflammation:
  • Fever
  • Intoxication of the organism
  • Sores with a limited inflammation focus.
Erysipelatous inflammation belongs to the class of streptococcic infections with sporadic morbidity. One is more likely to catch erysipelatous inflammation in summer and in autumn. It is important to mention that erysipelatous inflammation is the fourth most frequent infectious disease out of all possible types while the most frequently met diseases include intestinal and respiratory infections alongside with virus hepatitis. The latter mostly affects elderly people, whose immune system is weak. One third of all patients suffer erysipelatous inflammation. Most of them are women.

Symptoms of erysipelatous inflammation:

The very first symptom of the disease is itch of various parts of body, causeless sweating, and feeling of skin tension.

The next symptoms are pain and swelling (just like during early stages of regional lymphadenitis. Erysipelatous plaque looks like a severely inflamed part of skin. It has contours that look like body of flame. Other unpleasant symptoms may appear if the disease is not treated properly.

Later the disease will affect subcutaneous fat. This, in turn, will cause swelling that is better seen on parts of body that have friable subcutaneous fat (like face). Erysipelatous plaque is placed a bit higher that the surrounding skin. It is divided from healthy skin by an edge wall. The centre of the plaque looks hollow. The plaque feels hot and dense. It is not recommended to touch it as it will cause painful feelings. As you see, erysipelatous inflammation is not the most pleasant thing in the world. Moreover, it is highly contagious.

Methods of treatment of erysipelatous inflammation: Treatment of erysipelatous inflammation takes a lot of time and effort. First of all any dentist will prescribe antibiotics (either intramuscularly or intravenously). Another necessary method of treatment is blood irradiation. It is important that the patient should take lots of vitamins, ensure normal cardiac performance, and take pain relievers as the disease itself is rather painful.

Mind that wet dressing is never use to treat erysipelatous inflammation because it will worsen the swelling and inflammation process. Oil solutions tend to be more useful in treatment of erysipelatous inflammation. Sterile fir and sea-buckthorn oils are very effective against skin diseases. It is important to say that such oil must not be rubbed into skin. Just oil the damaged area. Do not cover it with a bandage. It is better to cover the damaged area with sterile bedsheet adjusted to the wire framework. This will work better keeping the sore clean but untouched.

Bullous erysipelatous inflammation is another type of the disease. To treat it, it is necessary to remove contents of blisters (to make incisions in them). Then the bottom of the plaque is powdered with sterile antibiotic powder (ampicillin) or xeroform. This is done to cope with the cause of the disease infection. To prevent recurrent inflammation, it is necessary to adjust a dry sterile tissue to the incised plaque.

Gangrenous form of erysipelatous inflammation is the most serious out of all abovementioned. To treat it, operative intervention isinevitable. Damaged tissues must be removed. Otherwise they will affect the surrounding tissues. In case of excessive swelling it is recommended to take diuretics like furosemide.

Patients with erysipelatous inflammation sometimes suffer venous insufficiency. It is treated with the help of venotonic medicines that dilute blood. Such medicines include aspirin (not more than 1 gram per day) and other medicines.

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