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Liquid for mouth rinsing: what is that?

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Liquid for mouth rinsing is a good way to keep the mouth cavity clean. But do not trust the TV ads too much. A toothbrush cannot be replaced by liquid for mouth rinsing.

Dental calculus cannot be washed out by liquid for mouth rinsing. Only 2 products have received approval of the American Dentist Association as the best means to remove dental calculus: Peridex put only on prescription (as it contains a powerful antimicrobial component) and over-the-counter Lysterine (contains weak alcoholic extract of menthol, eucalyptus and thyme oil).

But even these products cannot replace using toothpaste and dental flosses. Earlier there were ads that said that using Plax is 3 times more effective to remove dental calculus than using an ordinary toothpaste. The researches have refuted the effectiveness of Plax.

Liquid for mouth rinsing can never replace a toothbrush. It is just an additional means of hygiene of the mouth cavity.

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