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Orthopaedic treatment of teeth: when is it used?

The main aim of orthopaedic treatment of teeth is to restore aesthetic as well as functional parameters of teeth. Orthopaedic treatment of teeth can also help to solve problems connected with partial or complete loss of teeth. Prosthetics technologies are rapidly developing and modern dentistry can offer many ways to restore the patient`s lost teeth.

In orthopaedic treatment of teeth nothing can be insignificant. Both aesthetic and functional aspects are equally important.

There is a modern area of orthopaedic treatment of teeth - with the help of implants. This method combines 2 areas of dentistry implantology and orthopaedics. As a result the patient will have a new beautiful tooth instead of the lost one.

Dental prosthetics is a part of orthopaedic dentistry. Orthopaedic dentists work hard to restore lost teeth with the help of various constructions like crowns, inlays, frameworks , and so on.

There is a special dental laboratory where orthopaedic constructions are made.

The dentist will make a cast of your tooth and send it to the laboratory. Then dental mechanic will make a model of the tooth from the cast. This model can be used to make all kinds of dental constructions.

Dental prosthetics makes use of:

Metal-ceramic crowns.

Metal-ceramic crowns are the most durable and beautiful material used in dental prosthetics. Metal-ceramic crowns do not only look like healthy teeth but perform the same functions. Many modern dental clinics have their own dental laboratories. In this case it will take less time to make prosthesis. The dentist will need about 5 days to make a metal-ceramic crown.

Unit-cast crowns.

Unit-cast crowns are generally used for chewing parts. These crowns can restore the look and functions of teeth. However, these crowns have metallic lustre and can hardly be used for visible parts of the denture.
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