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Restore teeth bone loss
Restoration with the help of filling materials has a big advantage it will take you little time to get a new attractive smile. Actually one visit to the dentist will be enough to solve your problem. Restoration with the help of veneers will take more time than traditional filling. While nonremovable construction (veneer) is being made the patient will have to use a temporary filling. As soon as the veneer is ready the patient will be invited to preliminary fitting. If the patient is satisfied with the veneer dentist will fix it in the mouth cavity. Mind that fixation of a veneer is carried out during a period of time so you will have to see your dentist at least some more times. Dental clinics specializing in aesthetic dentistry are to have their own dental labs as well as a staff of experienced specialists cooperating in order to make your smile look great. Eventually every patient willing to restore his teeth has to make a choice of method of restoration that suits him best. Mind that both direct and indirect methods of restoration have their advantages and disadvantages.
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