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Mouth fungus
It is a well known fact that dentists recommend to use mouthwashes alongside with toothpastes to prevent various diseases of the mouth cavity. It is worth mentioning that there is a new generation of mouthwashes containing iodine. Such mouthwashes are still a novelty in Russia and not all people know about them. One such mouthwash deserves special attention. It is called «Sefodine Gargle Mouthwash». This mouthwash is a very concentrated solution so one should dilute it with water. Use this balm to rinse your mouth and rub it in your gums not less than 4 times a day.

One of the main advantages of «Sefodine Gargle Mouthwash» is that it possesses not only antiseptic but also antifungal effect. That is why this mouthwash is often recommended to treat oral mycosis. Still, this balm has some contraindications. People with pathology of thyroid glands cannot use it.

Generally dentists recommend to use mouthwashes twice a day in the morning and before sleep.

At night when we sleep, the speed of salivation decreases. It is bad because saliva possesses antiseptic properties. That is why nighttime is a perfect time for all kinds of bacteria and fungi to grow and develop. Uncontrolled growth of fungi may eventually cause oral mycosis. In the morning when we rinse our mouth cavity we remove all harmful bacteria. Evening rinsing helps to get rid of acid film forming on our teeth at daytime. It is not necessary to use a mouthwash twice a day. It will be only useful to use it after meals to keep your mouth cavity clean and prevent possible diseases like oral mycosis.

The thing is that anticarious balms and mouthwashes contain fluorine and calcium ions. Those ions make dental enamel stronger and prevent its destruction.

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