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How to restore teeth?

How to restore tooth enamel naturally?
Is it enough to simply bleach teeth to make your smile look nice? Unfortunately it is not. Visible defects on the outer side of teeth are not rare. In most cases destruction of teeth is caused by caries. Even caries of one single tooth is enough to cancel out all your efforts to make your smile bright. Moreover, caries can make you lose your self-confidence. If you are willing to have a beautiful smile the first step is to restore all damaged teeth. See a professional dentist specializing in aesthetic dentistry. The choice of methods of treatment will depend on several things: the seriousness of the problem, patients desires, and the location of the damages tooth. It is worth mentioning that aesthetic restoration of teeth is often preceded by endodontic treatment. It means that before you restore your teeth it is necessary to treat root canals and fill the damaged teeth if necessary.
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