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Advantages of the Brilliant system

The bleaching system contains no peroxide compounds. It has some more advantages:
  • A patent dental plate makes it possible to bleach the lower and the upper teeth simultaneously.
  • If you use Brilliant system the risk to get allergy or stimulations of parodentium tissues is minimal. It happens because the time of contact of gums and teeth with active components of the bleaching gel is 2-3 times shorter than that of other bleaching means.
  • Brilliant system does not harm fillings, crowns, or other prosthetic appliances. One session of bleaching takes little time. The full course is also short. It is very important for busy people.
  • The system has pleasant taste and makes bleaching rather comfortable. Its soft formula is perfect for sensitive teeth.
  • It is easy to remove gel from the mouth cavity. You do not have to use a toothpaste or rinse the mouth cavity.
  • Brilliant is a compact system. You can carry it in your cosmetics bag or in a pocket. It makes bleaching possible in any place.
  • You do not need any additional devices for dental bleaching. Everything you need is already included in the Brilliant system.

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