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How to wear a gum shielder

How long should one wear a gum shielder? It depends on the time you wear your gum shielder at home. It is important to indicate the time of day and night wearing of it. In most cases dentists recommend to wear a gum shielder at nighttime. It can be explained by the fact that most bleaching gels start working in about 4 hours after the time they were applied to teeth. If you wear a gum shielder at nighttime you will save your bleaching gel because you will have to use it just once before you go to bed. Mind that the more time you wear your gum shielder the sooner you will see the result.

It is not very comfortable to wear a gum shielder at daytime. Even though it is transparent it can be easily seen by other people. Moreover, it is a bit problematic to talk if you wear a gum shielder. Some patients may feel difficulties with their daily routines because of the gum shielder. Your dentist will appoint the date of the next visit to measure your progress and instruct you. Home bleaching will be stopped by the dentists recommendation when the desired result has been achieved.

Still, this decision must be discussed with the patient.

How to use stripes for bleaching?

There are many ways to bleach your teeth but there is a brand-new product that will let you do it at home. We mean bleaching stripes covered with gel. Bleaching stripes have numerous advantages and here are some of them:
  1. They are easy to use. You do not have to turn to a dentist because you can cope with this task yourself.
  2. They secure a fast and lasting result. After 3 days of using you will see. Still, to consolidate your success take the whole course.
  3. Amazing result. Your teeth will become 3-4 tones whiter.
  4. They are safe. Bleaching stripes will not do harm to your teeth enamel.
  5. They are comfortable to use. Though one procedure takes about half an hour it will not affect your lifestyle in any way because the stripes are so thin you can even talk during the procedure.

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